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Float on air with Airborn Paddling

Airborn Paddling started in December of 2019 to share the values and activity promoted in the Whakaora/Healthy Lyttelton Harbour Plan with Christchurch.

We live across the greater Christchurch landscape aware our city was originally planned to be in Teddington – in the Harbour. Our opportunity to assist recovery of wildlife here is huge thanks to the city being outside of the harbour.

We offer basic exploration in the harbour and on the Avon, by promoting being present on water inside the crater rim, observing changing light and breezes and an opportunity to observe recovering wildlife and city life. 

We started rentals and skills practice on the Avon in the city centre, winter 2020. We work with the harbour community, Rapaki, City and regional council and watersports operators around Christchurch to ensure wherever our experiences are offered, freedoms consistent with being on the water are shared with other users.

Join us on Whakaraupo and Te Otakaroro, to discover the truest experience water and small inflatable craft offer.

4 week combo includes FREE hand knitted woollen hand warmers OR Jandal socks! 

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About Joe Jagusch

Joe is the dreamer of the Airborn Paddling business. He first practiced staying afloat on rivers in the 80s at school camp in Dunback where acting like a goat was award-worthy. A day out on Otago Harbour offered him a first salty location for horsing around as an optimist on an Optimist – sailing.

Fast forward thru sailing on Te Waihora & Lake Mahinapua (boat called Wally), a year of Kapahaka, a Coast-to-Coast up te Taramakau and down te Hurunui (with kayak), and couple of multisport races. 2011 offered Joe three big river trips.

The Salmon River Idaho, the Yukon River and the Colorado River aligned with comrades within a period of 6 months, galvanising a germ of interest in small inflatable watercraft.

By 2019 the need for more recreational options in Whakaraupo knocked loudly as the next contribution of interest.


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