Promoting confidence on sheltered waters

NZ’s first Through-City paddleboard float

Freedom Hire/intrepid experiences at water level, for people of all* ages!

The Thru-City float

Intermediate level. 3.2km Lead your crew on the Eels’ pathway, New Zealands Thru-city board journey. Cashel St/by the Hospital to begin.
Depart 3pm 5pm, 7pm Thurs, Saturday Sunday.
Photos and cold drink included.  Duration: 75 Minutes (approx.) From $90.00

The Evening Energiser

Intermediate level. More bridges to paddle under. The river has some fun quick bits to keep you fizzing.
Start from Cashel St, Rolleston Ave Corner and follow the signs. Exit at Edmonds Band Rotunda, after Victoria Square. Arrive 5min early.
Duration: 45 Minutes (approx.) From $60.00

A Morning Mission

Entry Level. This is our greener, winding lower stretch of the Eel’s pathway. Tides influence the water clarity over the final few hundred metres and big willows droop over the flow just before the finish.
Duration: 45 Minutes (approx.) From $50.00

Band Rotunda/Waipapa Paddle-Play

Entry level. Work your skills out on the water.
The Avon/Ōtākaro is enclosed by two close banks and moves very slowly.
Minimum size/age of child – approx 4yrs. Adult supervision reqd for under 16y/o. 
Duration: 55 Minutes (approx.) From $30.00

Magazine Bay Paddle-Play

Entry level. Work your skills out on deeper water from a sandy beach!
Tighten your body and release your mind. Paddleboarding is the cheeky way to keep fit. Friday evenings and Lyttelton Market mornings
Duration: 55 Minutes (approx) From $30.00

Team-Building and Social Events

Botanic Gardens Paddle play