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NZ’s first Through-City paddleboard float

Freedom Hire/intrepid experiences at water level, for people of all* ages!

The Evening Energiser

Intermediate level. More bridges to paddle under. The river has some fun quick bits to keep you fizzing.
Start from Cashel St, Rolleston Ave Corner and follow the signs. Exit at Edmonds Band Rotunda, after Victoria Square. Arrive 5min early.
Duration: 45 Minutes (approx.) From $60.00

A Morning Routine

Entry Level. This multipaddle option offers a regular shift of perspective in your working week, just before you’ve done your dash and run out of oomph.
Duration: 30 Minutes (approx.)

City to Kāwaipuna – Bunch paddle

Intermediate level. Develop your skills downriver for longer. Share our oversized paddleboards with mates. We accompany you to witness green spaces and varying types of wildlife.
Adult supervision reqd for under 16y/o. 
Duration: 1-2hrs (approx.)

Magazine Bay shared Paddleboard Coaching/Bunch Paddles

Entry level. Enquire about learning on deeper water with your besties from a sandy beach! Friday afternoon or Sundays

Intermediate level. Join us on a Saturday Bunch paddle. Friends with gear are welcome. 
Duration: 1-2hrs (approx)

Team-Building and Social Events

Botanic Gardens Paddle play